ZenDev have lodged a development application with Brisbane City Council to establish a new commercial and community precinct at 119 & 125 Woogaroo St, Ellen Grove, at the intersection of Lochwood Ave and Woogaroo St.

Ellen Grove is an emerging community with the potential to accommodate a population of 6,500 to 8,100 residents. The development application seeks to create a new commercial and community precinct that will support future growth in the area. The proposal includes a service station, drive thru food & drink, childcare centre and tavern.

We are keen to provide the community with information about the proposal and gain feedback to identify any important considerations, concerns or benefits early in the planning process.


Service Station

8 Refill Lanes & Small Shop


Drive Thru Cafe

With small restaurant area


140 Licensed Places

Future Stage

Fitness, Health and Wellness


Intersection Upgrade

As part of our development we’ll be upgrading the Woogaroo Street/ Lochood Avenue intersection with a new signalled intersection (traffic lights). This will help traffic flow before the intersection reaches predicted failure in 2024.

Providing infrastructure to the area

The proposal includes a new road into the site, which will bring with it an expansion of the water main and sewer network providing future access to near by developments

Providing facilities for growing community

The mix of land uses proposed, including the service station and child care centre, amongst other possible uses will cater to the needs of the existing and future community while promoting local liveability and amenity.

Access to schools

The subject site is within a 1km radius of 3 Schools in excess of 3,000 students enrolled. This includes St Johns Anglican College, Forest Lake State Schoo, and Grand Avenue State School. The proposed development delivers the necessary facilities and infrastructure to support the growing population of young families.

Need for childcare centres

Ellen Grove is currently home to 361 children aged 0-5 with no operational Childcare centres recorded. In the greater area there are 4.54 children under 5 years of age per licensed place representing a significant under supply based on the community’s need.
Jobs Created
Invested During Construction
Estimated Population Growth
Economic Benefit


What protection is there for the local wildlife and Ecosystems?

Great care and thought was invested into the preservation and enhancement of the ecological values – pioneering ecological initiatives yet to be used in the area. Our priority throughout the initial design process was to collaborate with our planning, environmental and engineering team to conceptualise innovative solutions.


Provide Koala crossings to ensure ease of movement

Koala crossings will be provided over or under the new roads to ensure safe and convenient fauna movement.


Koala Management Plan during construction

A plan will be put in place to ensure construction does not increase the risk of injury or death to koalas.


Retain and protect the ecosystem

Conservation covenants will be put in place to protect the koala habitat and minimise the footprint of the development.


Fence off habitat to mitigate risk of dog attacks

The boundary of the koala habitat will be fenced off to mitigate the risk of dog attacks.


Provide habitat signage and speed reduction devices

Signage and speed reduction devices will be installed on the proposed east-west road to notify traffic and reduce speeds.


Environmental and financial offsets

Environmental and financial offsets will be provided where other options are not possible.

Vapour recovery

Stage 2 vapour recovery (VR2) equipment is designed to capture this displaced vapour and return it to the underground fuel storage tank or other appropriate vessels.

SPEL Puraceptor

SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows. It is to be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage — enabling it to be fully operational in treating stormwater runoff at all times.

Solar powered EV charging

One of brisbane’s first Electric Charge – Service Stations powered by Solar Engery

Why is there a need for a childcare centre?

An economic needs assessment was undertaken to determine the need for commercial and community uses in Ellen Grove, now and in the future. The analysis determined that there is currently an undersupply of childcare centres in the area to service the existing and growing population.

The subject site is within a 1km radius of 3 Schools in excess of 3,000 students enrolled.

  1. St Johns Anglican College
  2. Forest Lake State School
  3. Grand avenue State School

The proposed development delivers necessary facilities and infrastructure to support the growing population of young families.

Ellen Grove has approximately 361 children Aged 0-5 years with no existing Childcare Centres in the suburb itself to accommodate them. Furthermore, Ellen Grove falls within the Forest Lake – Doolandella catchment at a SA2 level. In 2020 this catchment recorded a supply of six long day care centres with a total number of licensed places of 624. However, the number of children aged between 0 – 5 years old in the catchment is 2,831 and is significantly greater than then number of places that the catchment offers. This further indicates a substantial undersupply of childcare services in the area.

Why are you building a service station?

An economic needs assessment was undertaken to determine the need for commercial and community uses in Ellen Grove, now and in the future.  The assessment found that Ellen Grove is under-supplied with service stations. By applying a benchmark of 4,500 persons per service station in Brisbane to the forecast study area (2km radius of the site) for a population of more than 18,000 persons in 2036 it was found that local demand will be equivalent to up to four service stations by 2036. At present, there is only one service station located within this study area.

Why are you building a fast-food outlet?

An economic needs assessment was undertaken and determined that the study area population could potentially support three fast food stores by 2036, noting the proposal for the Subject Site is for only one fast food store in conjunction with the service station.


Many of the fast-food stores located within the surrounding region are situated in shopping centres, including Forest Lake Shopping Centre. The development of fast-food in association with service stations is common practice, as each business benefits from the patronage generated by the other. In addition, the design of service stations and fast-food operations are also complementary in that they both support car-based visitation.

How will traffic be affected?

The development proposal includes needed upgrades to existing infrastructure to support current and future growth of the area. A traffic impact assessment was undertaken and found, by applying a 4% per annum growth factor, that the intersection of Lochwood Avenue into Woogaroo Street is predicted to be approaching failure in 2024.

This development proposes to upgrade the local road network by providing a new signalised intersection with an estimated investment value to the developer of approximately $1.5m at the intersection of Woogaroo Street / Lochwood Avenue / proposed Lochwood Avenue West, a new western extension of Lockwood Avenue and a south connection road. These road improvements and extensions will act as catalyst infrastructure to support the development of the greater Ellen Grove emerging community area.

What are you going to do about the noise?

The noise impacts associated from the service station and drive thru on the surrounding noise sensitive properties have been modelled and assessed against the Noise (Planning) Criteria from the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Service Station Code. This modelling has determined that all of the predicted noise impacts from the activities likely to be associated with the Service Station and Drive Thru other than waste collection will not exceed the Noise (Planning) Criteria relating from the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Service Station Code

Modelling was also conducted of noise impacts from the service station at the boundary of the neighbouring property at 133 Woogaroo Street and for the childcare centre at the boundary of the neighbouring property at 109 Woogaroo St. To mitigate noise from the childcare centre and service station to these two neighbouring properties 2.0 m high acoustic fences will be constructed.

Where does the master plan come from?

In accordance with the BCC planning Scheme, a structure Plan is required for Development applications within the Emerging Community Zone to provide evidence that the future access to services, road network connectivity and environmental values and constraints have been considered, not only for the project subject to the development application but for neighbouring potential sites and residents whom may be impacted by the proposed development.

The road layouts shown in the structure plan located outside the site boundaries of 119 and 125 Woogaroo Street are indicative and are subject to change. The roads are artists impressions and are NOT proposed as part of this development application. The indicative urban design will not eventuate without the landowners approval. In the past, council have approved other developments in the area with similar road designs to that proposed in this development. The roads shown in the proposed structure plan will bring civil services closer to neighbouring properties increasing the potential to connect into the civil network, increasing value and development potential.

What are the economic benefits that will be realised from this development?

Construction Benefit

$13 Million invested during construction
10-30 direct jobs
5-10 indirect jobs

Ongoing Benefit

$20-$30 Million gross economic benefit
50-100 direct jobs
15 indirect jobs

What proposed infrastructure will the development have?

The proposal includes the construction of the first section of a new neighbourhood road connecting the Woogaroo Street and Lochwood Avenue intersection to Considine Street.  This will be a two-lane road with pedestrian footpaths on either side.

The proposal further includes the construction of north-south local roads for future connection to neighbouring sites and the construction of a new Major Signalised intersection to the  to Woogaroo Street and Lochwood Avenue.

The existing water main and sewer network will also be expanded to service the new development The construction of this new infrastructure will help to open up the neighbouring lots for future development, as shown in Figure 1.

To retain fauna movements and wildlife habitats the development proposes the retention of close to a third of the site that will form part of a greater Ellen Grove vegetation corridor West of the site.

What car parking will be provided?

Dedicated onsite car parking will be provided for the proposed childcare centre and combined service station and drive thru food and drink outlet.

As per the traffic assessment report prepared for this development the proposed parking provisions provided comply with Council’s Town Planning Scheme Policy.

What landscaping will the development have?

Existing wildlife habitats will be retained on the site where possible. In addition, new landscaping and streetscaping works will include footpaths, vegetation and tree replanting to compliment the surrounding area


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