Development Management

The team at ZENDEV offer consultancy services and actively manage the DA/BA and construction projects for other developers. Our services include:

Property Research


Due Diligence and Feasibility

Council Negotiations

Building Application

Development Application (Design and Lodgement)


Funding Options and QS

Project Management Services (Tendering to builders and Superintendent of works)

Recognised by our peers, we are often approached to coordinate and manage the development process. Given our construction experience, during the BA design phase, we are able to guide the design team toward a design that is the most cost effective, without compromising the aesthetic of the structure. It is not unusual for us to save 10-20% off the construction costs, simply by applying our experience at this stage of the process.

As the Development Manager of the above process, we would always be able to supply a tendered building price from ZEN Constructions Pty Ltd. Given the plans will be BA drawings, they can be sent off to several builders for comparative quotes, which we too can manage.

Construction Management

Should ZEN Constructions be engaged as the builder, our preferred method of contracting at this stage for ZEN is under a Construction Management Agreement. An example of some of the services we offer are:

Site Establishment

Site Establishment

Design Consultation

Trade Tender and Coordination

Bookkeeping and Invoicing

QS/Progress Claims

Regulatory Services

Authority Approvals