ZENDEV Pty Ltd is the Development and Consultancy division of ZEN Group.

We have been directly involved in the development of well over 1000 properties in South East Queensland, having developed in excess of 400 properties for our own Development Company since 2003.

As the Development arm of the ZEN Group, our focus has been to create a constant flow of work for the other divisions, within the ZEN Group.

In this ever-changing property arena, the team at ZENDEV keep their finger on the pulse, with regard to the property market trends and the property research undertaken. Given the diverse experience of the team, the ability to be at the forefront of their game is not unusual, with many of our successful projects having been considered as “Pioneering,” by developing in areas that had never seen iconic developments of the scale and size as what we have done.

The team at ZENDEV actively search and research for redevelopment sites and once the due diligence is conducted and the feasibility looks good, the Development Application is lodged and generally within 12 months, we will have another DA approved site on the books.

In this current climate, getting a DA is the easy part. From here, the team steps up a notch or two as the Building Approval design process begins and marketing is prepared, whilst the funding options are explored. The experience of the ZENDEV team is what makes what we do look easy.

This successful model has been the catalyst for growth of the ZEN Group and has enabled us to be recognised as a reputable Development and Construction Company within the industry.