ZEN Install Pty Ltd focuses on the installation of the different wall systems associated with the construction process.

With today’s ever changing construction methodology’s, ZEN Install is dedicated to keeping up with the current trends and becoming Brisbane’s leader of wall systems, by being versatile and proactive with learning.

Born out of necessity to find a subcontractor to fulfil the many different wall systems on ZEN Construction projects, ZEN Install has a unique edge and is unlike any other company operating in South East Queensland, in that we are experienced in most, if not all the walling systems that are used in the construction industry.

As one of the preferred contract installers of concrete pre-cast panels for Austral Precast, ZEN Install has entered this installation sector with a major supplier and has evolved to include the following wall systems to our services offered:

CSR Systems (AFS Wall System, Hebel and others)

Boral Wall systems (Intrawall and others)

Pre-Cast Concrete panels

James Hardies Systems (Ritek Wall System, FC Sheeting and others)

Conventional Framing (Timber or Metal)

Speed panel

Dincel panel

Tilt-Up Concrete panels